Before you send your question(s) off to us via the contact form, please read the FAQ’s below, just to make sure that your question has already been answered.

Q) Is this Konnor’s official site & does he run it too?
A) Although we are an official fansite, we aren’t actually his (own) official site & no he doesn’t run it.

Q) Is the site affiliated with Konnor in anyway?
A) As it states in our disclaimer, we are affiliated with him, but we are so in a direct way.

Q) Is @Big_Kon1 his official twitter account?
A) Yes, @Big_Kon1 is his official twitter account.

Q) How long has the site been online for & how long has it been official?
A) The site has been online for around seven years & since it’s been open. Matt (a previous owner) asked Konnor if we could be his official fansite incase you’re wondering.

Q) Why did it take you so long to bring the site back?
A) Because I have had a very crazy & busy personal life, and now since I’ve left college I’ve got abit more time on my hands.

Q) Which gimmick do you prefer of Konnor? The ‘rat’ gimmick or ‘the Ascension’ gimmick & why?
A) The Ascension gimmick, simply because it shows how dominating he is in the ring.

Q) What would you do if you ever got the chance to meet Konnor?
A) If I got the chance to meet Konnor, I’d be a very happy girl. I’d also probably talk to much.

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