April 7th, 2019

6th Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

We go to the ring with Tom Phillips, Aiden English and Byron Saxton. The ring is full of Superstars as SNL’s Michael Che and Colin Jost make their way out. The Hardy Boys, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy, are out next. We go back to the panel to discuss the Battle Royal as The Hardys make their entrances. The ring is now full of Superstars waiting to get started. Braun Strowman makes his way out next to a pop.

Luke Harper stares Strowman down as he enters the ring. Che and Jost retreat and hide under the ring to start. Lince Dorado and Curtis Axel get tossed to start. Bodies start flying by Braun as Lince Dorado, Curtis Axel, Tyler Breeze, Shelton Benjamin and Bo Dallas are eliminated. Titus O’Neil eliminates Heath Slater. Apollo and Bobby Roode work on Apollo Crews. Titus works on Ali. Titus gets eliminated. Ali works on No Way Jose now. Jose gets eliminated. Heavy Machinery with a big double team on Braun. Braun ends up knocked to the floor but he goes through the ropes. Karl Anderson goes to the top but Titus eliminates him. The Hardys eliminate Rhyno. Roode and Matt go at it in the corner. Jeff with the double team on Roode. Roode gets eliminated. Gran Metalik gets eliminated. Andrade eliminates Kalisto.

Chad Gable with German suplexes on Andrade now. Andrade eliminates Gable. Tucker and Otis double team Konnor and Viktor with a double Caterpillar. Braun runs back in and eliminates two Superstars, then Tucker and Otis. Braun also eliminates Harper and another Superstar in mid-move. Andrade ends up eliminating himself. Jost and Che come from under the ring and tr to eliminate Braun from behind while others are also trying to eliminate him. Braun eliminates Matt and Jeff. Braun stares Che and Jost down now.

Jost says not everything has to end in violence and there are other solutions. Jost says he brought his therapist and wants them to work through this anger. The therapist enters the ring and starts talking to Braun. Braun destroys the guy while warning Jost about what is to come to him. Jost orders Che to attack Braun but he looks terrified also. Braun grabs Che as he tries to climb over the top. Che is eliminated. Jost tries to eliminate Braun and he comes close to it. Braun hangs on and fights back into the ring with a boot. Braun scoops Jost and tosses him over the top rope, onto another group of Superstars on the outside. Braun gets the win.

Winner: Braun Strowman

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November 19th, 2018

RAW vs. SmackDown 5-on-5 Tag Team Traditional Elimination Match: Chad Gable & Bobby Roode, The Ascension, Lucha House Party, The Revival, The B Team vs. The Usos, The New Day, The Colons, SAnitY, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

We go to the ring as Tom Phillips welcomes us. He’s joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. Out first for Team SmackDown is The New Day – Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. They all work the mic before giving a big introduction to Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Woods introduces The Colons next, Primo and Epico. Kofi introduces SAnitY’s Eric Young, Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe next. The Usos, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso are introduced next. They welcome RAW to the SmackDown Penitentiary. The Revival, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, is out next for Team RAW. Lucha House Party’s Kalisto, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik are out next, followed by Konnor and Viktor of The Ascension. The B Team’s Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas are out next. Team RAW Captains Bobby Roode and Chad Gable are out last.

Gable takes the mic and talks some trash outside of the ring. Some fans boo. Roode follows-up and leads the entire Team RAW in a “glorious!” pose. Epico starts off with Kalisto. Metalik, Wolfe and Kofi watch from ringside. Epico gets the upperhand after some kicks from Kalisto. Epico with a long suplex for a 2 count. Kalisto looks like he tweaks his left knee but he just suckered Epico in for an elbow. Dorado tags in and dropkicks Epico. Kalisto tags right back in for a big double team sequence to Epico. Kalisto covers for a 2 count. Primo tags in and works Kalisto over. Primo with a low dropkick and more kicks to Kalisto. Primo sweeps Kalisto and shows off some. Primo gets sent into Epico, knocking him off the apron. Dawson tags in. Kalisto lands bad and may have really tweaked his knee. Dash tags in and The Revival ends up hitting a Shatter Machine to Primo for the pin. The Colons have been eliminated.

Anderson tags in and unloads on The Revival with Spinebusters. Anderson covers Dash but Axel breaks the pin up. Kalisto is down on the floor with an apparent injury. Metalik replaces him on the apron as Axel comes in and unloads on Anderson for a 2 count. Dallas leads the B Team chant while Axel stomps in the corner. Dallas tags in and they double team Anderson for a 2 count. Dallas gets kicked by a Gallows cheap shot, allowing Anderson to cover him for the pin. The B Team has been eliminated.

It looks like Gable and Big E are about to go at it but Dain tags himself in. Dain goes at it with Gable and launches himself at him with the Divide crossbody for a 2 count. Young tags in and they nail a double team neckbreaker to Gable but Roode breaks the pin. Dain tosses Roode to the apron but he hangs on. Dain charges but Roode side-steps and Dain lands on the floor. Roode tags in and joins Gable for a moonsault – Rude Awakening combo to Young. Roode covers for the pin. SAnitY has been eliminated.

Konnor ends up going at it with Big E now, dropping him with a shoulder. Big E puts Konnor in the abdominal stretch and spanks him. Konnor tosses Big E across the ring. Woods comes in but Konnor blocks his DDT mid-air. Konnor with a fall-away slam to Woods. Viktor tags in and takes control of Woods as Kofi tries to rally him with pancakes from ringside. Woods fights up but Viktor elbows him in the head. Woods runs the ropes and dodges shots, dropping Viktor with a rolling elbow. Big E tags in and Woods picks him up on his shoulders. Woods slams Big E on top of Viktor for the pin. The Ascension has been eliminated.

Metalik ends up going at it with Gallows next. Lince tags in and flies off the top but Gallows catches him. Anderson comes in for a Magic Killer but Lince counters it. Metalik counters a Stunner from Gallows. Lince and Anderson end up trading counters but Anderson gets tossed into the ropes. Gallows and Anderson end up on the floor to regroup but Metalik and Lince nail moonsault to the floor at the same time. We see Kalisto down but cheering them on from the floor. Metalik hits a senton on Anderson for the pin. Anderson and Gallows have been eliminated. Fans boo.

Jimmy comes in as Metalik taunts him. Jimmy takes it to the corner and rocks him. Lince gets the tag after Metalik nails a dropkick. Jimmy gets rolled up for 2. Lince with a middle rope moonsault for another 2 count. Lince with another big takedown. Jey tags in and catches Dorado in mid-move to spike him on the mat. Jey covers for the pin. Lucha House Party has been eliminated.

The match is down to Gable & Roode and The Revival vs. The New Day and The Usos. Dawson and Woods go at it now. The referee is distracted by Dash falling in, allowing The Revival to turn it around. Gable comes in and works on Woods’ leg. Dawson tags back in and keeps up the attack on Woods. More back and forth between Woods and Dawson now. Woods takes out Gable and Roode from the apron. Woods with a missile dropkick to Dawson. Big E tags in as does Dash. Big E unloads with big belly-to-belly suplexes. Big E stands tall for a pop. Big E dances over Dash and runs the ropes but Dawson runs in. Big E clotheslines him to the floor. Dash rolls Big E up for a 2 count. Dash gets sent to the apron. Big E doesn’t see Gable tag in. Gable plants Big E with a suplex. Roode tags in for the double team with Gable on Big E, the German suplex into the neckbreaker. Roode holds the pin but Big E kicks out just in time.

Roode gets hyped up as Big E slowly gets to his feet. Big E blocks the Glorious DDT with a big elbow. Woods tags in and sends Roode into a Backstabber combo with Big E. Gable makes the save and Roode kicks out at 2. Jimmy gets sent to the floor. Dawson runs the ropes for a big dive to the floor, taking out Jimmy and Kofi. Woods flies out and takes Dawson down but Dash drops Woods on the floor with a big DDT. Big E runs the ropes and spears Dash to the floor for a big pop. Roode and Gable are left standing in the ring. Gable runs the ropes and Roode launches him out on top of the others. Jey comes in out of nowhere and flattens Roode with a big superkick. Jey mocks Roode’s taunt and runs the ropes, leaping out onto everyone else. Jimmy goes to the top now but Gable crotches him. Gable climbs up and hits a massive super German suplex to Jey, from the top turnbuckle to the group of Superstars on the floor.

Gable is legal now. Roode holds Woods for the double team but it backfires as Gable ends up on the mat. Woods and Roode go at it. Big E tags in and Woods hits the Honor Roll on Roode. Gable moonsaults but Big E catches him in mid-move. Woods and Big E drive Gable down with the double team for the pin. Gable and Roode have been eliminated.

The Revival double teams Big E now but it almost backfires for a close pin attempt. Dawson with a DDT to Big E. Woods tags in and botches a DDT to Dawson. Woods rocks Dawson. Dawson misses a shot. Woods dumps Dawson as Wilder is legal now. Woods drops Wilder and goes to the top. Woods walks the rope and flies out for a double clothesline to The Revival but they catch him with a Shatter Machine in mid-move. Fans boo as it was botched a bit, it appears. The New Day has been eliminated.

The Usos and The Revival face off in the ring now. Both teams start brawling. Dawson ends up sending Jey into the steel steps. The Revival hits a top rope bulldog to Jimmy for another close 2 count. Dawson knocks Jey off the apron after more back & forth. Jimmy drops Dawson with an enziguri to the face. Jimmy goes to the top but Dawson cuts him off. Dawson rocks Jimmy and climbs up. Dash tags in and goes to the other corner. Dawson nails a superplex and Dash follows up with a splash. Dash covers but Jey barely breaks the pin in time. Jey avoids a Shatter Machine to Jimmy. Jimmy kicks out at 2. Dawson eats a superkick. They hit a double superkick to Dash, then Dawson. Jimmy goes to the top and pays tribute to Roman Reigns with a big splash to Dawson. Jimmy covers for the pin to win.

Winners: Team SmackDown (Survivors: The Usos)

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April 28th, 2018

50-Man Royal Rumble Match

Daniel Bryan is the first entrant and Dolph Ziggler is the second entrant in the match. It starts out with both men attempting to eliminate each other. Bryan landed a series of back elbows but Ziggler cut him off with a drop kick. Sin Cara was entrant 3 and took out ziggler with a springboard crossbody then a powerbomb to Ziggler. Cara hit a crossbody to Bryan then a drop kick in the corner. Cara with a head kick to Bryan and a front senton. Ziggler eliminated Cara with a super kick and a clothesline.

Curtis Axel was out at #4 and attacked Bryan right out of the gate. Mark Henry was out at #5 and took out Axel then eliminated him. Mike Kanellis was out at #6. Bryan and Ziggler tried to eliminate Henry but couldn’t. Kanellis was quickly eliminated by Henry. Hiroki Sumi came out at #7 and Viktor came out at #8 followed by Kofi Kingston at #9 and Tony Nese at #10. Dash Wilder at was #11 and Hornswoggle at #12. Viktor was eliminated and so was Wilder.

Primo came out at #13 and Xavier Woods was out at #14. Woods, Nese, and Kingston did a double team move before they eliminated Nese. Bo Dallas was out at #15 and Kurt Angle at #16. Angle hit several german suplexes then eliminated Primo, Dallas. Ziggler caught him with a super kick. Angle hit a belly-to-belly suplex to eliminate Ziggler. Scott Dawson was out at #17. Goldust comes out at #18. New Day worked over Bryan in the corner. Konnor came out at #19 but was attacked by Kofi and Woods. Elias #20. Luke Gallows was out at #21 and went after Dash. Angle and Bryan mixed it up. Bryan caught him with several kicks to the body. Angle locked in the Ankle Lock but Bryan got out of it and Angle hit the Angle Slam. Elias eliminates Angle. Rhyno was out at #22. Drew Gulak came out at #23 and attacked Bryan. Tucker Knight out at #24 while Gulak was eliminated. Bobby Roode out at #25 and hit a series of moves. Goldust and Dawson were eliminated by Roode.

Fandango was out at #26 and Chad Gable at #27. Rey Mysterio is next at #28 and eliminated Gallows and hit a DDT to Gable. Mojo Rawley out at #29. Fandango was eliminated at this point by Rawley. Tyler Breeze out at #30 and quickly eliminated by Rawley. Big E was out at #31 with some pancakes as he threw them at Knight. Karl Anderson was out at #32. Big E eliminated Knight. Apollo Crews at #33 while Mysterio hit the 619 to Roode. Crews eliminated Gable. Roderick Strong was out at #34 and hit a drop kick to Elias then a back breaker to Roode. Rhyno was eliminated by Strong. Randy Orton out at #35. Rawley was eliminated for Orton, who was crazy over. Anderson and Crews were also eliminated after eating an RKO. Heath Slater at #36. Babatunde at #37 and Baron Corbin at #38. Corbin pulled Elias out of the ring and sent him into the steel steps. Corbin with Deep Six to Mysterio. Titus O’Neil was out at #39 and tripped while making his entrance and slide under the ring then Roode and Strong were eliminated. Dan Matha out at #40 and Braun Strowman #41. Big E, Slater, Babatunde and Dan Matha eliminated by Strowman. Tye Dillinger out at #42. O’Neil was eliminated as well as Dillinger by Strowman. Mysterio, Corbin, and Orton eliminated by Strowman as well. Curt Hawkins out at #43 and he was chased Hawkins up the stage to bring him back into the ring and eliminate him.

Strowman missed a spear and ate the ring post. Bobby Lashley out at #44 and eliminated Elias. The Great Khali out at #45 while Bryan hit a series of drop kicks to Strowman and Lashley. Strowman and Lashley eliminated Khali. Kevin Owens out at #46. Shane McMahon out at #47 and went right after McMahon, who hit a DDT to Owens. Bryan with some kicks alongside Shane to Owens. Shelton Benjamin out at #48 and went right after Shane.

Big Cass at #49 and Chris Jericho at #50. McMahon hit coast to coast to Braun. Jericho went right after Owens and they started to brawl. Jericho with the Lion Sault to Owens then Benjamin was eliminated. Bryan with a suplex to Owens then some drop kicks. Shane went to the top rope but Strowman grabbed him and chokeslammed him through the announce table. Strowman eliminated Jericho, Owens, and Lashley. Cass eliminated Bryan. We’re down to Strowman and Cass. After a few clotheslines, Strowman caught a big boot and eliminated Cass.

Winner: Strowman

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April 9th, 2018

Fifth Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

We see the Andre Battle Royal trophy at ringside as Hamilton goes over the rules. The ring is full of Superstars already. The bell rings and here we go.

Aiden English beats on Zack Ryder while Baron Corbin works on Sin Cara. English gets eliminated. Heath Slater almost gets dumped but he hangs on. Curt Hawkins works on Fandango. Dolph Ziggler also hangs on. Curt Hawkins and Konnor get eliminated.

Goldust and R-Truth do some comedy but Goldust turns on him. Truth is eliminated. Ziggler works on Cara now. Mike Kanellis eliminates Primo Colon. Matt Hardy works on Ryder. Slater works on Viktor. Goldust works on Dash Wilder. Scott Dawson works on Cara but makes the save for Dash. Rhyno works on Ziggler. Titus O’Neill goes at it with Viktor.

Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas double team Hardy. Fandango works on Rhyno. Titus rocks Tyler Breeze. Shelton Benjamin eliminates Breeze. Viktor works on Rhyno in the corner. Titus works on Kane now. Goldust tosses Cara but he hangs on. Viktor gets eliminated by Rhyno. Ryder almost eliminates Ziggler. Kane fights off Chad Gable. Apollo works on Axel. Fandango works on Ziggler. Matt slams Goldust’s face into the turnbuckles. Kane continues to stand tall from the corner.

Mojo Rawley eliminates Ryder. Luke Gallows works on Titus. Gable tries to eliminate Karl Anderson. Gable eliminates Anderson after they tangle. Titus tosses Gallows to the apron but he stays on. Titus eliminates Gallows. Titus stands tall and poses as we go to a break. Back from the break and The Revival eliminates Apollo. Shelton tosses Dash to the apron but Dawson makes the save. The Revival eliminates Shelton next. Rhyno is eliminated next. Dash and Dawson are eliminated next by Axel and Dallas.

Kane eliminates Axel and Dallas at the same time. Mojo works on Fandango. Ziggler and Hardy go at it. We see John Cena sitting in the crowd with fans again. Kane eliminates Fandango. Baron Corbin watches from the corner. Corbin and Slater go at it now. Corbin eliminates Slater by ramming him into the ring post. We see how Cara was eliminated by Corbin during the break with Corbin tossing him out of the ring onto other eliminated Superstars. Corbin and Kane face off and talk trash now. The other Superstars attack them both and take them to corners. Titus and Goldust put the boots to Corbin while Ziggler and Matt work on Kane. Titus rocks Goldust and Tye Dillinger. Titus unloads and gets hyped up. Titus launches Ziggler over his head but Ziggler lands on his feet and superkicks him. Ziggler eliminates Titus.

Goldust ties up Ziggler in one corner and Tye in the other. He runs and nails Tye with a low shot but Ziggler counters his. Ziggler eliminates Goldust. Fans chant “delete!” as Ziggler turns around to a right hand from Matt. Tye and Matt face off now as the “ten!” chants go up against the “delete!” chants. Matt drops Tye and eliminates him over the top. Kane levels Matt. It’s down to Kane, Hardy, Ziggler, Mojo and Corbin. Ziggler counters Kane and superkicks him. Kane eliminates Ziggler. Corbin comes from behind and eliminates Kane.

We’re down to Corbin, Matt and Mojo now. Fans chant “delete!” as they face off. Matt unloads with headbutts to Corbin but Mojo runs him over. Mojo launches Matt hard into the mat. Corbin approaches Matt and Mojo just watches him. They double team Matt with stomps now. The lights go out, the graphic flashes and Bray Wyatt appears in the ring. Wyatt assists Matt in eliminating Mojo. Corbin floors Matt with a big boot. Corbin catches Wyatt with End of Days. Corbin grabs Matt but Matt fights him off and eliminates him. Wyatt is still down on the mat as Matt looks at him. The bell rings and Hardy is the winner as Wyatt was not officially in the match.

Winner: Matt Hardy

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