October 7th, 2023

Josh Alexander vs. Kon

Alex Shelley joins commentary for the main event.

They start off quick as Josh tries to go for the ankle lock early on. Josh leaps off the top turnbuckle with a shoulder tackle to knock Kon down. After the break, Kon rolls Josh around with headlock takeovers. Kon maintains the pacing by chopping Josh’s injured shoulder. Josh counters Kon and lands a suplex. Josh lands a missile dropkick from the top to try and gain momentum.

Deaner trips up Josh, allowing Kon to hit a spinebuster, cover. Kon drops a big elbow three times in a row, another cover attempt. Kon then targets the ankle by stomping on it. He bites Josh’s forehead and then throws Josh’s body into the ropes to keep him grounded, cover. Kon clamps down on the traps but Josh gets to his feet and throws forearms to turn the tide.

Josh lands a big German suplex and then hits a spinning forearm strike, cover. Kon manages a choke bomb, but it doesn’t put Josh away. Josh lifts Kon up but the ref gets knocked over in the prcoess. Josh hits a crossbody in the ropes and they go flying out. Shelley grabs a chair out of Deaner’s hand. Josh tries to go after Deaner but ends up hitting Shelley instead. Back inside, Josh escapes a chokeslam and traps Kon in the ankle lock. Kon rolls through and avoids the spike at first. But Josh gets his footing back and lands C4 Spike for the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander

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