January 13th, 2023

The Design comes to the ring. Cody says Sami Callihan wants to join the Design. In order for that to happen, he needs to go through a process. That process is shaving his head. He calls Sami Callihan out to the ring. The lights turn off and when they come back on, Sami is in the ring with a baseball bat. Cody says the he needs to lose his identity, he needs to lose the bat. He tells Sami to give the bat to Kon. Sami gives the bat to Kon. Cody tells him that was the right choice. Cody tells the story of Samson and how he lost his power when he lost his hair. He asks Sami if he is willing to become weak. Cody says Sami needs to see the process until the end, and it is going to be long and violent. Sami asks if Cody is going to talk forever or if he is going to cut his hair. Alan places a steel chair and Cody asks him to sit. Sami sits on the chair and Alan cuts his hair. Cody says Sami is making the right choices. He says he doesn’t need to care about these people because they don’t care about Sami. Cody takes the clippers and says that this is the right choice and he goes to shave Sami’s head. Sami stops him before shaving his head himself. Cody hands Sami a mirror and tells him to look at what he’s become. Sami breaks the mirror on his head and walks towards Cody with the scissor, before handing it over to Cody. Cody says this is the death of the Death Machine and the birth of Callihan.

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