BTI Results – January 19th, 2023 

The Design (Kon & Angels) w/ Deaner vs Yuya Uemura & Delirious

Delirious tries to take the big man off his feet but Kon runs through him with a shoulder tackle. Kon turns his attention towards Uemura as he connects with a powerful big boot. Moments later, Uemura is able to build momentum with a flurry of offense to Angels, culminating with a dropkick for two. Kon delivers a cheap shot from the apron, allowing Angels to regain control with a Half & Half suplex. Uemura takes out Kon, then hits Angels with a bulldog to create separation. Uemura makes the tag to Delirious who disorients Angels with his unique offense. Delirious and Uemura join forces to get Kon up for a double vertical suplex. Kon swats Uemura out of mid-air. Delirious crashes and burns on Shadows Over Hell, allowing Angels to put him away with the Halo Strike.

Winners: The Design

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