November 18th, 2022

Death Machine’s Double Jeopardy Match: Eric Young (w/ Deaner, Alan Angels & Kon) vs. Sami Callihan.

Deaner, Angels & Kon attacked Callihan ahead as he was making his entrance, with Callihan busted open following Deaner’s headbutts. The match officially began with Callihan getting back up and hitting a double-leg takedown on Young. Young hit a Death Valley Driver on Callihan before he rolled out of the ring. On the ringside area, Young gauged Callihan in the open wound. Callihan hit Young with a water bottle before hitting a chop on Young, but Young responded by decking Callihan with a punch. Young went for a suplex on Callihan on the outside, but Callihan reversed it into a suplex of his own on Young on the outside. Calllihan got a picture of the Deathdollz before ramming the picture on Young’s mouth and biting piece off the picture. Young got up and hit a back suplex on Callihan onto the apron before laying in the elbow strikes on Callihan on the apron. Young got on the apron and laid in his boot on Callihan’s head. Young booted Callihan in the head, but Callihan asked for more. Callihan and Young racked each other’s eyes before Callihan bit Young in the forehead before hitting a Death Valley Driver on Young onto the apron, busting Young open before the commercial break. Back from the break, Callihan bit Young’s head Callihan squeezed Young head onto the ring post before Young punched Callihan in the head to break the hold. Callihan rammed Young’s shoulder onto the ring post. Young went for a piledriver on Callihan on the outside, but Callihan countered it with a back-drop on Young onto the ringside floor. Callihan tossed a trash can onto the ring before he and Young got in the ring. Young hit Callihan with a trash can lid on his head and leg before locking in a knee bar on Callihan but Callihan reversed it with a Figure Four leg lock on Young. Young broke the hold by booting Callihan in the head. Callihan and Young got back up before exchanging chops before starting to exchange headbutts before the two collapsed onto the mat. Young ran the ropes before hitting Piledriver on Callihan, but Callihan kicked out at two. Young went for another piledriver, but Callihan pinched Eric’s Young’s before hitting a piledriver on Young for a near fall. Callhan fired away with a trash can lid before hitting a second and definitive Piledriver on Young for the pinfall win.

Winner: Sami Callihan.

With blood pouring all over the mat and the faces of the competitors, Callihan walked out of the ring as Deaner, Angels and Kon confronted Young in the ring. The three stared down at the prone & bloody Young on the mat as the broadcast ended.

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