February 11th, 2022

Josh Alexander walked to the ring in street clothes. He took the mic and talked about how Impact gave him a chance when no one else would. He said without Impact, there may not be a “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander. He said he was proud to fight for Impact against Honor No More at No Surrender. He talked about the title match at No Surrender.

Alexander talked about how Scott D’Amore has accused him of not keeping his composure. He challenged whoever wins the title at No Surrender to a title match. He was cut off by Big Kon (formerly Konnor of the Ascension in WWE). Kon got in the ring and went face to face with Alexander. Alexander challenged him to a match right now. A referee got in the ring.

Josh Alexander Vs Big Kon

Kon attacked Alexander at the bell. Alexander quickly took him down and put Kon in the ankle lock. Kon put up a fight, but tapped out.

Winner: Josh Alexander

Alexander put the ankle lock on Kon after the match. Security came to break it up. Alexander decked security. Scott D’Amore ran out and Alexander pushed him down. Scott recovered and took the mic. He said he just came out to reminisce. He talked about the history between him and Alexander. He talked about watching Alexander rise to the top.

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