Throwback: TNA Wrestling – October 22nd, 2004 

Jeff Jarrett vs. Ryan O’Reilly
Out comes NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett. Ladders are set up all over the arena as a glimpse of what lies ahead at TNA’s first 3 hour PPV Victory Road where Jarrett will defend against Jeff Hardy in a ladder match. Jarrett took the fight to the outside where he used the ladders set up around the arena to his advantage. Jarrett then brought one of the ladders into the ring as well. Jarrett whipped O’Reilly into the ladder in the corner and then executed The Stroke for the victory in a quick match.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

-After the match, Jarrett continued to beat on Ryan O’Reilly. Hardy came out for the save. Hardy got up on top of the ladder in the ring to the delight of the crowd but Jarrett escaped.

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