WWE Main Event Results – April 11th, 2019 

Heavy Machinery vs. The Ascension

Viktor and Tucker begin. They lock up and Tucker grounds things. Viktor battles back, but Tucker runs him over with a shoulder tackle. The Ascension cut Tucker off, but Otis tags in and fires up. He slams Konnor to the buckles, tags in Tucker and it breaks down. Viktor is tosses and then pulls Tucker to the floor. Konnor works over Tucker, and Viktor hits the jumping knee strike for 2. He follows with chops, tags in Konnor and double teams follow for 2. Tucker battles back, but Viktor cuts him off. Tucker dumps him, and Konnor misses a charge. Otis tags in, runs wild and suplexes Viktor. The caterpillar follows. Tucker tags in and the compactor finishes it.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

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