WWE Main Event Results – February 2nd, 2019 

The B-Team’s Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas make their entrance. The Ascension’s Konnor & Viktor make their entrance.

The B-Team Vs. The Ascension

Viktor and Axel lock up. Axel takes Viktor to the mat. Viktor backs Axel into the corner. Viktor drives his hip into Axel. Axel eventually strikes Konnor to take him off the apron. Axel kicks Viktor. Axel hits a Perfect-Plex on Viktor. Konnor breaks a pin attempt by Axel on Viktor. Konnor runs towards Dallas, Dallas pulls the top rope down to send him to ringside. Dallas tags in. Dallas hits a Back Suplex, with Axel simultaneously hitting a Neck-Breaker on Viktor. Dallas pins Viktor for the win.

Winners: The B-Team

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