WWE Main Event Results – February 16th, 2019 

Heavy Machinery Vs. The Ascension

Viktor and Tucker exchange waist-locks. Tucker locks in a headlock, Viktor sends him to the ropes. Tucker hits a shoulder block on Viktor. Later in the match, Konnor chops Tucker. Konnor runs towards Tucker. Tucker moves out of the way, causing Konnor to drive his own shoulder into the ring post. Otis is tagged in, as is Viktor. Otis clotheslines Viktor. Otis splashes Konnor in the corner. Otis hits a shoulder block on Viktor. Otis hits a Modified Suplex on Viktor. Otis scoop slams Viktor. Otis hits the Caterpillar Elbow on Viktor. Otis tags Tucker back in. Tucker attacks Konnor to take him off the apron. Otis & Tucker hit the Compactor on Viktor. Tucker pins Viktor for the win.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

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