WWE Main Event Results – December 13th, 2018 

Curt Hawkins & The Ascension Vs Lucha House Party

Dorado and Viktor lock up. Viktor takes Dorado to the mat. Dorado elbows Viktor. Dorado hits a snapmare on Viktor. Dorado dropkicks Viktor. Late in the match, Metalik hits a cross-body on Hawkins. Metalik hits a Springboard Back Elbow on Hawkins. Metalik dropkicks Hawkins. Viktor breaks a pin attempt by Metalik on Hawkins. Dorado & Kalisto hit a double superkick on Viktor. Konnor pushes Dorado to the mat.

Konnor sends Kalisto towards the ropes. Kalisto kicks Konnor in the face. Kalisto and Dorado hit a double dropkick on Konnor. Konnor rolls out of the ring. Hawkins clotheslines Dorado and Kalisto out of the ring. Metalik kicks Hawkins in the face. Metalik ascends the turnbuckles. Metalik hits an Elbow Drop from off the top rope on Hawkins. Metalik pins Hawkins for the win.

Winners: Lucha House Party

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