April 28th, 2018

50-Man Royal Rumble Match

Daniel Bryan is the first entrant and Dolph Ziggler is the second entrant in the match. It starts out with both men attempting to eliminate each other. Bryan landed a series of back elbows but Ziggler cut him off with a drop kick. Sin Cara was entrant 3 and took out ziggler with a springboard crossbody then a powerbomb to Ziggler. Cara hit a crossbody to Bryan then a drop kick in the corner. Cara with a head kick to Bryan and a front senton. Ziggler eliminated Cara with a super kick and a clothesline.

Curtis Axel was out at #4 and attacked Bryan right out of the gate. Mark Henry was out at #5 and took out Axel then eliminated him. Mike Kanellis was out at #6. Bryan and Ziggler tried to eliminate Henry but couldn’t. Kanellis was quickly eliminated by Henry. Hiroki Sumi came out at #7 and Viktor came out at #8 followed by Kofi Kingston at #9 and Tony Nese at #10. Dash Wilder at was #11 and Hornswoggle at #12. Viktor was eliminated and so was Wilder.

Primo came out at #13 and Xavier Woods was out at #14. Woods, Nese, and Kingston did a double team move before they eliminated Nese. Bo Dallas was out at #15 and Kurt Angle at #16. Angle hit several german suplexes then eliminated Primo, Dallas. Ziggler caught him with a super kick. Angle hit a belly-to-belly suplex to eliminate Ziggler. Scott Dawson was out at #17. Goldust comes out at #18. New Day worked over Bryan in the corner. Konnor came out at #19 but was attacked by Kofi and Woods. Elias #20. Luke Gallows was out at #21 and went after Dash. Angle and Bryan mixed it up. Bryan caught him with several kicks to the body. Angle locked in the Ankle Lock but Bryan got out of it and Angle hit the Angle Slam. Elias eliminates Angle. Rhyno was out at #22. Drew Gulak came out at #23 and attacked Bryan. Tucker Knight out at #24 while Gulak was eliminated. Bobby Roode out at #25 and hit a series of moves. Goldust and Dawson were eliminated by Roode.

Fandango was out at #26 and Chad Gable at #27. Rey Mysterio is next at #28 and eliminated Gallows and hit a DDT to Gable. Mojo Rawley out at #29. Fandango was eliminated at this point by Rawley. Tyler Breeze out at #30 and quickly eliminated by Rawley. Big E was out at #31 with some pancakes as he threw them at Knight. Karl Anderson was out at #32. Big E eliminated Knight. Apollo Crews at #33 while Mysterio hit the 619 to Roode. Crews eliminated Gable. Roderick Strong was out at #34 and hit a drop kick to Elias then a back breaker to Roode. Rhyno was eliminated by Strong. Randy Orton out at #35. Rawley was eliminated for Orton, who was crazy over. Anderson and Crews were also eliminated after eating an RKO. Heath Slater at #36. Babatunde at #37 and Baron Corbin at #38. Corbin pulled Elias out of the ring and sent him into the steel steps. Corbin with Deep Six to Mysterio. Titus O’Neil was out at #39 and tripped while making his entrance and slide under the ring then Roode and Strong were eliminated. Dan Matha out at #40 and Braun Strowman #41. Big E, Slater, Babatunde and Dan Matha eliminated by Strowman. Tye Dillinger out at #42. O’Neil was eliminated as well as Dillinger by Strowman. Mysterio, Corbin, and Orton eliminated by Strowman as well. Curt Hawkins out at #43 and he was chased Hawkins up the stage to bring him back into the ring and eliminate him.

Strowman missed a spear and ate the ring post. Bobby Lashley out at #44 and eliminated Elias. The Great Khali out at #45 while Bryan hit a series of drop kicks to Strowman and Lashley. Strowman and Lashley eliminated Khali. Kevin Owens out at #46. Shane McMahon out at #47 and went right after McMahon, who hit a DDT to Owens. Bryan with some kicks alongside Shane to Owens. Shelton Benjamin out at #48 and went right after Shane.

Big Cass at #49 and Chris Jericho at #50. McMahon hit coast to coast to Braun. Jericho went right after Owens and they started to brawl. Jericho with the Lion Sault to Owens then Benjamin was eliminated. Bryan with a suplex to Owens then some drop kicks. Shane went to the top rope but Strowman grabbed him and chokeslammed him through the announce table. Strowman eliminated Jericho, Owens, and Lashley. Cass eliminated Bryan. We’re down to Strowman and Cass. After a few clotheslines, Strowman caught a big boot and eliminated Cass.

Winner: Strowman

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