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This Month In History – June 5th, 2013

Battle Royal, The winner is the #1 contender for the NXT Title.

Throughout the match, Big E is on commentary.

Mason Ryan eliminates Sakamoto, Briley Peirce, Curt Hawkins, Alexander Rusev, Baron Corbin, Knuckles Madsen, Mike O’Rielly, Yoshi Tatsu, Dante Jackson, Aiden English & Sami Zayn. These eliminations occurred within a minute. Ryan wanted to powerbomb Neville out, but Neville transitions to a huracanrana to send Ryan out instead. Even Neville is stunned

O’Brian and Wyatt face each other. O’Brian yells at Wyatt who asks for peace, then clocks O’Brian. O’Brian kicks Wyatt out of the ring, but not over the top rope. O’Brian delivers even offense to Dallas and Neville, then turns his attention to Graves who gets a boot up. Graves and Ohno double team O’Brian and eliminate him. Wyatt sneaks in a dumps the new team out.

Sister Abigail to Dallas and Dallas is out in the middle of the ring. Enziguri from Neville and he somehow pushes big Bray Wyatt over the top.

Dallas wants a spear, but Neville low-bridges him. Dallas clings on and Neville tries to pry him off the ropes. Dallas pulls Neville out of the ring but only one foot touches. They both barely make it back into the ring. They trade blows and Dallas gets the boos and Neville gets the yeahs. Neville turns the pace up, but runs the risk of being knocked out. Roundhouse kick and Neville goes for the corkscrew SSP but Dallas gets his knees up and quickly follows up to send Neville to the floor.

Winner: Bo Dallas

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